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Tentative departure from the US August 4th, 2019.
Tentative departure from Saudi Arabia August 18th/19th, 2018
MAKKAH First (Aug 5th – Aug 15/16th) (4ZH – 14ZH)


Travel: From Jeddah to Makkah on August 5th (4 ZH).
Accommodation: DoubleTree by Hilton in Makkah (5-Stars) near the Haram boundary.
Food: Breakfast and Dinner open buffet served at the hotel (not during Manasek).


Travel: August 9th /10th (8ZH) to Mena in North America tents. Tents are air-conditioned and Sofa beds will be provided. You will have full access to your room at DoubleTree during Manasek.
. Travel: We offer one transfer between Mena and Makkah if you would like to do Tawaf AlIfadah during Eid days. Alternatively, you can do Tawaf Alfadah after the end of the Mena days (10-12ZH). Bus availability is subject to traffic and road closures. This is a complimentary service and pilgrims in severe conditions may be forced to take a taxi to the hotel.
Food: Breakfast and dinner box meals will be served at Mena camp (10-12ZH).
Food: One hot meal will be served in Arafat Camp.
MEDINA THIRD (Aug15th/16th – Aug 18th/19th) (14ZH– 17ZH)


Accommodation: Dallah Taibah 4 star Hotel across the street from the Haram.
Food: Breakfast and dinner open buffet will be served at the Hotel.


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